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Skelton Cattle Co. is a purebred Hereford outfit owned and managed by Wayne and Edith Skelton and family at Winfield Alberta.

We are in the 4th year of carving out our new ranch in the foothills of Central Alberta. Although cattle have been a part of the Skelton family for many generations at the Collingwood Ontario location, it was in 1980 that the present herd was established with the purchase of a group of cows from Elmlea Farms at Aurora. And as a result of that transaction in May of that year, Skelton Cattle Company was born. Over the next 33 years the cowherd evolved from the management, market signals and resources available. In 2009 a bold decision was made and we relocated our family, our lives and our cowherd to Alberta Canada. The cowherd was pared down to only the most essential cows to take west to continue refining the herd. Some were youthful cows while others were showing some age and were long past pretty. However, they all carried the genetic package of the lessons learned and progress made since the inception of the herd. They were the nucleus to continue.

We have devoted many hours of thought about where the herd came from and what direction we are steering it. Recently, a calculated mission statement was established that absolutely sums up our breeding focus. "A CALF FROM EVERY COW, AND EVERY CALF A KEEPER". Laser focused on production and quality, yet flexible to allow us to respond to our market signals ... our customers.

There are an infinite number of cattle sites out there, so we do thank you for stopping by ours for a visit.